About Me

Professionally, I create things for the web. In my free time, I read, paint, research genealogy, and visit my friends.

I used to replace the inside of watches with tiny prints of my watercolor paintings.  If you see me wearing a watch, that doesn’t always mean I know the time. I occasionally look through photos of abandoned places or read about history. I love video games and when it comes to Halo, I’m pretty good for a girl. I like Bubble Tea and karaoke, My favorite actor is Edward Norton. Some of my professional idols are Jakob NielsenLuke Wroblewski and Ethan Marcotte. I’m spontaneous, serious, and silly.


Because how I come across to others is a part of who I am, I’ve asked my friends & colleagues to take a shot at describing me.  Let’s see how this goes …

Note: The quotes below have been run through checks for both spelling and inside jokes.

Zachary Hansen
Zachary Hansen [Website]
You may think you know what you want, but I know something you want even though you don’t know it yet. You want to have Kristin Richey in your life. Here is why. Sometimes I feel like I’m a creative person, but I only tend to feel that way when I’m not in close proximity to Kristin. When I do have the pleasure of being in her company, I have this strange feeling of intimidation. Not in the traditional sense of the word though, it’s more of a sensation that melds intimidation and inspiration together, driving me to elevate myself and my work to the level she already resides at.This isn’t a feeling that’s developed over years either, it was nearly instant, and it’s likely you’ll feel the same way if the both of you should ever talk.

While this feeling does contain an element of pressure, it’s only in a positive way. I’ve felt pressured when I photographed her, but that only helped me to create a stronger image. I’ve felt pressured when I’ve shown her my newest designs, but that only helped me design something even more compelling. I feel pressure writing this right now, and I can only hope that pressure leads me to transcribe my thoughts accurately enough to express why my life is better because she is a small part of it.

Kristin and I have never lived close to each other, and we now live further apart than ever, but I’ve just come to realize that the feeling I’m describing isn’t one that has faded with distance. Every time I post an image online, I know she will see it, and as silly as it sounds, a “like” from Kristin Richey is actually worth something. If you manage to impress her, you know you’ve done something special.

So this feeling, this sensation, this energy I’ve described is just one small element of what makes up Kristin Richey, but it’s this ability to better everyone around her that makes her so exceptional.

Now I made a fairly bold statement at the beginning of this story that you would want Kristin Richey in your life. If my words have failed to convince you of that, let blame fall on me. I suggest you meet her for yourself, and before you know it, you’ll be taking time out of your day to write something like this for her, because you’ll want to help everyone else understand this extraordinary person that you’ve come to know.