Help Labyrinth Help Women

Labyrinth Outreach Services to WomenLabyrinth Outreach Services to Women, in Bloomington, IL, is the only agency of its kind providing long-term services to women returning from jail or prison.

As of today, they own 2 properties purchased to be used to develop transitional housing for their clients. They so far have around $90k in funding for this effort, thanks to a grant from the City of Bloomington and sponsorship by State Farm.

In order to reach their goal, help is needed. Please take a moment to visit their Rally Campaign.


Photo Restoration

I am extremely passionate about Genealogy and it is my favorite hobby. Throughout my explorations I’ve been lucky enough to be trusted with some very fragile and old family photos.  One of the many things technology is good for is saving what could’ve otherwise been lost.  Though I have many photos to go, below are some of the restorations I have completed using Adobe Photoshop.  I will post tips & tricks soon.

Online Resources for Web Creators

I get asked frequently what sites I follow and which online tools I use most frequently. In a team environment, I’ve regularly shared my bookmarks with others since there are so many links to share.  Below is a list of blogs & online tools I visit most frequently.


Blogs & eZines