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I am extremely passionate about Genealogy and it is my favorite hobby. Throughout my explorations I’ve been lucky enough to be trusted with some very fragile and old family photos.  One of the many things technology is good for is saving what could’ve otherwise been lost.  Though I have many photos to go, below are some of the restorations I have completed using Adobe Photoshop.  I will post tips & tricks soon.

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  1. I understand we may be related. Ole Ribaas was my great grandfather, Elisabeth Andersen was his daughter, my grandmother. I would love to share some notes sometime.

    1. Hello Margaret,

      So lovely to hear from a new family member! Ole Pedersen Ribaas was related to me through marriage. He is the father-in-law of my 2nd great grand uncle. His daughter, Johanne Margrete Olsdatter Ribaas married Jens Nikolai Davidsen. Jens’ brother David Esaias Davidsen is my 2nd great grandfather.

      According to my research, Ole Pedersen Ribaas married Anne Elisabeth Andersen Gotzen in 1876 and in 1908 he resided in Kvinesdal, Vest-Agder, Norge. So far I am aware of the following children:

      • Anna Ribaas (d. 1924)
      • Peder Ribaas
      • Sara Ribaas
      • Elizabeth Ribaas (b. 1882)
      • Johanne Margrete Olsdatter Ribaas (1888-1981)
      • Pauline Kristine Ribaas (1892-1985)

      Please visit my other site for The Davidsens’ lineage! I would love to get in touch!

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